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The Problem

The Bad Guys

  • atmospheric changes
  • greenhouse effect

The Suckers


  • when the environment changes globally, all life is affected:
  • microbia
  • plants
  • animals
    • man
  • the changes are "non-linear":
    • e.g. not only "more growth" etc
    • but loss of habitat equilibria and subsequent cascades of changes
    • such as the extinction of heat-susceptible species, spread of heat-seeking species
    • thereby also disturbed equilibria between self-embanking predator-prey-ralationsships
    • e.g. the Malaria fly will "arrive" in Europe

The conditions for life, as we know it, are narrow. No other planet is know, sustainingly providing them. In the end, it is not the question, whether man wants to do something for nature. If we think of the microbia, habitating e.g. underwater volcanos, we may safely assume, that -with time- life will reach some new "equilibrium", even at high global temperatures. The point is, that man will not be part of that equilibrium, since we will not be viable in this new "nature". That's why protection of the environment actually is self-protection.


  • subsequent changes of difficultly predictable climate properties
  • diminishing polar ice
  • diminishing Golf Stream

The Deniers

Who's Fault it is

  • doesn't really matter ...
  • now the problem is there and we all have to face it
  • discussing about Global Warming doesn't require the question, who causes it
  • we have to DEAL with it!

Game Theory

  • who takes action first? -> The Prisoner's Dilemma
  • who contributes to a common good? -> Tradegy of the Commons
  • => it's political problem: how to get all countries caring and involved
  • and a soziologic: the individual's awareness of the problem is important, since he needs to elect proper politicians


CO2 Reduction

Coral Reefs

CO2 Filters in Industry and Cars

Reducing Oil Consumption by increasing Oil's Price

Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Concrete

our_process.png Source: calera.com

Hack The Planet

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