Adult Finger Clip Sensor SAS001 (Pulsoximeter)

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  • Sensor zum Messen den Blutsauerstoffgehalts (Pulsoximeter)


nellcor d-sub connector.jpg Picture:

Reference pins diagram value for engineers: 
a, there is a 7.5k ohm resistor between pin 1 & pin 6; 
b, pin 3-->LED anode; pin 2-->LED cathode; 
c, pin 5-->photodector anode; pin 9-->photodetector cathode; 
d, pin 6 for outer shielding; pin 7 for inner shielding; 
e; LED & IR frequency: 660/905nm; 
f; oximax chip is in between pin 4 & pin 8;
  • DB9 male plug
  • kein RS232 !
  • Spannungseingang für LED(s)
  • Ausgang für Fotodiode
  • Festwiderstand für LED-Kalibrierkurven-Auswahl (RCAL)


  • vorhanden
  • werksseitig eingesetzter, fester, elektrischer Widerstand wählt am Monitor die vorprogrammierte Kalibrierkurve für den Sensor aus


Nellcor DS100A: Drei Wellenlängen + Fotodiode

Latex free
1m TPU cable and gray
1 piece/bag
Compatibility: Nellcor spo2
Types original P/N: DS-100A
Technical specifications:
Safety: IEC 60601-1-1 approved, conformity with MDD 93/42/EEG and EN9919:2005
Patient sizes: adult
Ambient temperatures: 0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F)
Relative humidity range: 15 to 95% RH
Measurement technology: tri-wavelength LEDs and photo detector
LED wavelength: 660/880/940nm
SpO2 accuracy: ±3 (70 to 100%), unspecified (0 to 69%)
Pulse rate range: 20 to 250bpm
Pulse rate accuracy: ±3 (20 to 250bpm)
Packages: non-sterilization, individual package with instruction
Measurement technology: Tri-wavelength LEDs & photo detector
LED wavelength: 660nm/880nm/940nm
SpO2 accuracy: ±3 (70-100%); Unspecified (0-69%)
Pulse rate range: 20-250bpm 
Pulse rate accuracy: ±3 (20-250bpm) 
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