New Bright Mud Slinger Jeep Wrangler (Fernsteuerbares Spielzeug-Auto)

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Remote control

  • Quality: cheap made / medium-low quality
    • Case held together only by plastic snaps; no screws
    • Cheap PCB base material (smells)
    • Ugly flux residues on PCB
    • PCB soldered to battery pack; can't be turned over without soldering
    • No on/off switch: PCB is permanently powered.
  • 4 Buttons (on/off, nothing inbetween):
    • forward, reverse, left, right
  • 40 MHz quartz
  • two transistors, Q1 and Q2, probably BJT
  • two SMD coils
  • two TH coils
  • The antenna is just a wire without shielding.

proprietary controller IC

  • labeled "New Bright" something...
  • SO-14 package


  • Pin 1: Button Left
  • Pin 3: GND
  • Pin 4: Button Up
  • Pin 5: Button Down
  • Pin 8: connected to BJT Q2 via R7=22k; Q2 can pull net ANT to GND?
  • Pin 9: VCC (weirdly via a 100R resistor)
  • Pin 10: connected to one terminal of the quartz oscillator via R8=100k
  • Pin 14: Button Right
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