Toshiba FMNVG2 (Grafikkarte)

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The Toshiba FMNVG2 is a proprietary graphics adapter card for the Toshiba Satellite Pro (and possibly other Toshiba notebooks). It is connected to the mainboard via a proprietary 200pin connector (PJ100). The board holds two sockets for the connector cables of keyboard including trackball (PJ123), the mouse buttons (PJ122). Additionally it holds one Nvidia GeForce 4, two Samsung K4D623238B-GC40 64MBit DDR SD-RAMs and two sockets for cables to the LCD (PJ5001/PJ5002).

The latter two have 2x20 pins, which provide panel power (PNL...,FL...), brightness control (BRT...) and image data channels via LVDS interfaces (six data channels: TXDT[1-6], two clock channels: TXCK[0-1]). They are connected to the Nvidia Squish17 internal LVDS interface, channel 0 to TXDT[1-3], channel 1 to TXDT[4-6].

The LCD panel used in the Toshiba Satellite Pro is the Sharp LQ150X1LH93, which by the way is supported by the RTD2270L VGA-to-LVDS adapter.

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