Trimble Lassen SK-II (GPS-Empfänger)

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Interface Connector

  • Trimble Lassen SK II GPS - System Designer Reference Manual:
The Lassen SK II GPS power and data I/O functions are integrated into a single 8-pin
header 0787connector, J4. The J4 connector uses 0.230 inch (5.84 mm) pins on 0.100 inch
(2.54 mm) spacing (See Appendix F, Lassen SK II GPS Specifications and Mechanical Drawings).

Table 2-1.        I/O Connector Signals

Pin #            Function                  Description
1                TXD 2                     Port 2 transmit, CMOS/TTL
2                Prime Power               5VDC ±5%, 150 mA typical
3                TXD 1                     Port 1 transmit, CMOS/TTL
4                Backup Power              +3.2VDC to +5.25VDC, 2μA typical
5                RXD 1                     Port 1 receive, CMOS/TTL
6                1 PPS                     Pulse-Per-Second, CMOS/TTL
7                RXD 2                     Port 2 receive, CMOS/TTL
8                GND                       Ground, Power and Signal

Pins 3 and 5 on J4 are also referred to as the primary serial port. Pins 1 and 7 are also
referred to as the secondary serial port.


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